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Online Ordering & Delivery Now Available!

Salt Spring Wild Cider Take Out – Visit Site

Online Ordering & Delivery Now Available! Visit for delivery on Salt Spring Island and shipping across Canada.

Salt Spring Island deliveries will arrive on the next scheduled delivery day (Tuesdays and Saturdays).
Free SSI delivery for orders over $30 ($5 fee for orders under $30).
Free shipping across Canada for orders of 12 bottles or more ($25 fee for orders under 12 bottles).
For SSI pick up ordering or alternative payment please call (250-931-5554) or email (

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A Growing Business

What a year it’s been. We’re just about into our third summer of business and the response from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. People like good cider.

That’s great, it truly is. That’s also left us playing perpetual catch-up. As I hear time and again in the tasting room, “well it’s a good problem to have”. Given the alternative, yes, it is a good problem to have, but make no mistake, it has been a minefield of logistics and challenges to overcome.

I think we’ve done well though. Last year’s harvest was prolific on the island, and that in turn spilled over into the quantity and variety of apples and pears we processed. Never mind what our picking team did, the word was out about the new cider house on the island, and suddenly residents were literally jumping out of the woodwork with apples for us!

The response was so great that we went ahead and started an expansion to our tasting room. That made for an interesting winter. Anyone who lives on the coast in general knows that this was a long challenging winter in its own right. So you can imagine that trying to run a relatively new business, operating in the midst of a renovation, in a snowy long winter, was a touch trying, to say the least.

I think we handled it well. In fact, this off-season saw the introduction of our Ginger Root cider, as well as a small-batch of our Plum Cider which turned out excellent (if I do say so myself).

Now here we are, on the precipice of what promises to be a busy summer, the nice weather has returned (finally), and our own on-site fledgling orchard is looking strong and healthy. There are undoubtedly further unforeseen obstacles to navigate through, such is life in general, but the end goal remains the same, and that is to keep producing high quality delicious cider, because at the end of the day, that’s what counts.

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A New Season, A New Website

Here we go into round two, the second year of Salt Spring Wild.  The first year was amazing and we’d like to thank everyone that supported us, both locally and throughout B.C.  Most of last fall’s apples have been fermented into cider and we’ve been working on the blends for both our Dry and Semi-Dry cider this week. This is a time consuming practice as both ciders have more than 10 varieties of apples in them and for the most part we single variety ferment. Blending it all together takes a bit of time.

We’ll likely start bottling the Dry Cider by the end of next week and the Semi-Dry Cider will be ready the week after that.  After that we’ll be in full swing, production-wise, so we shouldn’t run out until  all you kind people drink all of our stash.  This year we’ll be bringing back more of the same: Dry, Semi-Dry, Hopped Apricot, Pear, and Wild Berry (which won’t be ready until wild berries are out and ripe). We know many of you liked the limited run of Plum Cider we made in December and we’ll work on making some more in August, after our plums are ready. We’re working on a few new ideas as well. Good recipes take time to develop, as we’ve found out, and we’ll keep you updated as to when we have new product on our shelves.

Also, we’ll be at Salt Spring in the City from March 4-6 which takes place at Heritage Hall at 15th & Main in Vancouver.

See you soon!!

Gerda & Mike