Salt Spring Wild Cider

The Craft

The Craft

Our ciders are made with the wild apples and pears that grow on Salt Spring Island, and with apples from regional organic orchards.  We never add any water. Our process involves slow-fermenting single varieties and allowing each to mature until it has fully developed. The ciders are then carefully blended for complexity and depth of flavor; our Dry and Semi-Dry ciders are each blends of over 10 different apple varieties!   While the blending process is crucial (and arduous), the special character of our cider is due to the wealth of heritage cider apples that grow on Salt Spring, and to our commitment to making fully organic ciders.  In general, you'll find that we tend to make our ciders quite dry, with delicate flavors (including our berry and plum ciders), and that's the way we like them!



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